PCD Pharma Franchise – A Business to Make a Difference

The pharmaceutical industry in India is responsible for all the research work that is conducted for the manufacture of generic drugs. They fulfil the stocks required in the medical treatments in India as well as export in the international market as well. The government in India has encouraged this sector a lot and that is why India has emerged as the world’s largest producer and provider of generic drugs.

Knowing PCD Pharma Franchise Business:

Indian pharmaceutical sector has two main pillars; PCD pharma and traditional pharma. Since the introduction of PCD pharma company in the pharmaceutical market, people are showing a different approach towards the market and are keener in investing for PCD pharma franchise rather than traditional pharma franchise.

Propaganda Cum Distribution or PCD is the latest concept in the pharmaceutical market and hence if you are the one who is looking to invest in the pharma sector must know this concept thoroughly.

Why PCD has an Edge over Others:

PCD pharma franchise is also preferred because there are lower risks than traditional pharma franchise. PCD pharma companies provide all possible aids (from investment to set up and to providing stocks) to the franchise and hence the percentage of loss is lesser on the side of the franchise owner.

PCD pharma franchise operates on a smaller level and hence has a smaller setup whereas the traditional pharma franchise operates on a bigger level and hence requires heavy investment for its setup.

The traditional pharma franchise has a wide network in the market and hence profit percentage is high in this case whereas the PCD pharma franchise has a smaller network in the pharma market and hence the profit that is to be received is lesser than the traditional pharma franchise.

Ways to set up a PCD Pharma Franchise:

Once you have decided to invest in the pharmaceutical sector and want to set up a PCD pharma franchise, the first and foremost thing you got to look for is the perfect company that will offer you the franchise option.

It can be a tough job to select a company as there are a number of PCD companies in the country that are offering franchise options but here we will guide you through the process and will let you know the essential factors that you should keep in mind while selecting a PCD pharma company.

Reputation is probably the most important thing that you should take into consideration while choosing the pharma company for your franchise.


Select a reputed brand as nowadays counterfeiting is on its height and you don’t want to ruin your market by providing counterfeited products. The pharma company that you are opting for must be able to provide you with all kinds of pharma products. You want a variety of products for your franchise as the market demands that. With the variety you also want the company to fulfill the stocks with genuine and quality products.

Final Words

Pharmaceutical sector in India is a great opportunity to invest. There are a number of PCD pharma companies in the country that offer franchise options but you have to choose the one which provides you with the value for money.  

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